What is Alle Luffa

Alleviate Allu Luffa is a a revolutionary makeup remover sponge made from soft microfiber material that remover all types of makeup using water only. It washable and reusable. 

What is Alleviate Headache Cap?

Alleviate Headache Cap is a revolutionary all round soft gel material cap that offers hot and cold therapy for all type of headaches.

What is the Alleviate Neck Rest?

Alleviate Neck Rest is a Traction Pillow that offer you comfort and relaxation by resting flat on your back and placing your neck for 10 minutes for twice daily. Let the Magic Begin!

How Can I order Alleviate products Headache Cap or/& Neck Rest?

To order Alleviate Product, visit the product pages to proceed, or you can press on the whatsapp button below for customer support.

How do I use the Alleviate Headache Cap for Cold Therapy?

Place the cap inside the plastic bag provided in the freezer for 2 hours. If it is too cold when taken out of the freezer, leave it out for few minutes before placing it comfortably on your head.

How do I use the Alleviate Headache Cap for Hot Therapy?

Remove cap from any plastic bag. Make sure the cap is at room temperature. Put it in microwave for 20 seconds and add another 10 seconds increment to get to the desired temperature.

How Do I wash the Alleviate Headache Cap?

Wipe it with a damp towel but don’t soak in water. In case the cap gets wet, keep it out to dry. How Do I use the Alleviate Neck Rest? Rest in flat position. Place the Neck Rest behind the neck. Bent your knees, Hands in front of your head.